Sunday, 9 May 2010

A place called Home

I wanted something I could make my own; with thoughts, feelings, pictures and even the odd rant or too. Throw in the odd scribbles I tend to jot down. Why not?
This will mark a new start. Shed the old Sam off and reinvent myself. This might sound stupid, but even something as futile as a mere blog, means so much more here in front of the screen.
Maybe after a little while, I’ll see me in the mirror for once and not the facade thats glued onto my being.
I just sound like another teenager hunting his idendity. Oh well.


  1. hello Sam,

    it's not just a teenager's need or want to make something his's everybody's. the difference lies on how early he acknowledges that need! And the earlier he does, the better.

    I started blogging a year+ ago and it does help when you want to know yourself better because everytime you post, you tend to look inside you.

    by the way, your photos look great! did you take those shots? Or is that you on the photos. Well, anyway, either way, they look great..

  2. thankyou for everything. :)

    those photos are of this guy called josh beech.
    you know like some people look up to beyonce or whatever.. well I like him, my icon :)

  3. you are at the right place at the right time, even if does not seem to be so. you are alive, that is all that matters. and not a living dead, there are plenty of those out there as well, or they pretend to be, because that too is like the sleep thing you write about. it is so much easier to play dead... and the only way to play dead is by believing it yourself. you are not there. you ache, you long, you feel, you fear, you hunger, you dance, you sing, you swing from left to right. that is all part of living. you will not value that until you value it. and you will not value YOU and being YOU until you see how alike and how different you are to everyone else. unique. you are just how we, others, want you to be. when i meet someone, i don't wanna meet another me... i wanna meet someone else... someone who is authentically just who they are. i do not have to like or approve, but like you say, what interests you is anything that makes you look twice... not same old same old.