Friday, 14 May 2010

Midnight Musings

Yesterday night, I was awake in bed again because sleep just doesn't seem to settle in my head. My room was quite dark, I could see the main features of my room vaguely; the book shelf, some of the posters, the messy wardrobe.

There was torch that was within reach, so I grabbed it and turned it on. I've never realised this before but everywhere the torch wasn't shining, all the other places seemed to get darker. The only way I could see the massive poster collage was by shining the torch on it.

Weird little image there. I could see those pieces of furniture in a pale glimmer, but as soon as I lighted the torch, the room got darker except for that beam of light coming from my hands..

I should really head off to school. I'm awfully late..


  1. lovely post. wrote a response on my "wall" - :-)

  2. I couldn't sleep last night because my dad broke my stereo and nobody wanted to text me back. :P